50 Years of Good Beginnings
Posted By: Cindy Grimaldo - 2/5/2019 4:51:06 PM

More than five decades ago, a Sunday School class at First Presbyterian Church launched a program that was truly ahead of its time by providing high quality early learning and care when opening its doors on Monroe Street on February 10, 1969. 

Some things have not changed throughout the years, we are still working to provide and support the underserved children in Amarillo. We continually help to equip the families for success in school and in life. 

The mission of the two-generational approach, focusing on high quality education in the classroom and working with parents and families to be their child's best teacher and advocate is on-going process from birth until they graduate from Opportunity School.

Come celebrate with us throughout this year!

  • April 2 from 11:30 am – 1 pm – 50 Years of  Good Beginnings Luncheon at Polk Street United Methodist Church with recognition of the school’s early leaders and national guest speaker (to be announced).
  • Sunday, June 9 from 4:00 – 6:00 pm – Opportunity School Family Picnic at Elwood Park with recognition of the school’s distinguished alumni and the educators who shaped who they are today.
  • Coming this fall – LIPS 2019 will be held at Amarillo Civic Center with the famous LIPS show open to children and families served by Opportunity School and some other special features to celebrate 50 years!

Here is the video celebrating our 50th anniversary, this includes some of the founders that started Opportunity School! CLICK HERE to watch the video!

This is a very exciting year and we look forward to many more, we could not do it without your support and the support of the community, Thank you all for our first 50 years! 


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