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Posted By: Jill Goodrich - 5/29/2020 1:14:10 PM

Because of the our incredible funding partners, we can serve families and their young children in unique and special ways. All families are unique and special. With your support, you help us meet the needs that families have for their children.

We want to introduce you to a few of our families as they share their Opportunity School experience!


“Easton is benefiting from the low ratios, the great communication and personal relationships with the teachers and is getting what he needs developmentally. I have a trusted support system in caring for my child. Opportunity School has really opened my eyes to helping my child build great social skill even at a young age. I love that the teachers are always learning too, and they share that with me! It’s a beautiful partnership that helps me be a better parent.” --- Brittany Rowlett with her son Easton (age 2).

“The teachers are so connected with their students that it’s helped Hazlee immensely to have that continuity and really helped her with her separation anxiety. I don’t know what I would do without Opportunity School. The teachers and staff are constantly helping, encouraging and Hazlee feels very connected here. It’s our family. They are there to help with whatever comes our way. It allows me to pursue my dream of being a nurse, while doing what’s best for my child.” --- Zoe McKennon and Brennon Sadeter with their daughter Hazlee (age 2).


“Our boys are excited every day when they go to school. They have been really connected to their teachers and I can’t say enough about how the school has accommodated our family. They are gaining wonderful social skills. Not only do they get along with each other better, but that extends to how we interact as a family. It is a joy to hear them comparing notes about what they have each learned in school. This has been a very difficult year. There’s no way we could have stayed in school and managed without Opportunity School.” --- Jameson (age 3) and Jakson (age 4).

“Opportunity school is a warm and safe atmosphere that welcomes all families. My daughter Elizabeth tells me every day all the amazing things she learned and the field trips she got to go on. The staff always reassures us that they are here for families. During this crisis I witnessed Opportunity school staff reach out to the children’s families to help with anything they are lacking. Opportunity school really blessed my family this school year and we're so grateful for the experience and impact it left on our life. Thank you!”   --- Tiffany Lewis with her daughter Elizabeth (age 4).

Our family has been enriched by our children attending Opportunity School due to the love, individual attention and concessions made to meet the needs of our differently-abled kids. We love the staff, their hearts for our babies and the measures they take to ensure all the children and their families receive everything they need to prepare for their futures. I cannot imagine not being a part of the Opportunity School family.”   --- Kate Barnes is mom to Gideon (age 4) and Eliyannah (age 18 months).

“Opportunity School has not only made an impact on my daughter and grown since being here during the amazing last two years. The teachers and staff were all so caring. Thank you to Opportunity School for your help!” --- Dallana Martinez and her daughter Delanie (age 4) with their family.

“Opportunity School has been such a blessing for our family!  We love the small class sizes, the attention paid to each child individually, and the care shown by every staff member.  From the moment I enrolled my child, I have felt nothing but welcomed and supported.  Not only has my daughter received a quality education that has her ready for Kindergarten, but I know she has been emotionally supported by her teachers as well.  I appreciate that the teachers work to meet each child where they are and build from there, rather than just expecting all the kids to be on the same level.  Everything from the style of discipline used to the healthy meals served has impressed me.  My daughter looks forward to school every day because of the amazing environment created by Opportunity School staff, and I love knowing that she will be well-cared for while learning and growing!” – Jessica Nolen and daughter Stella (age 4).

Aren’t our families amazing!!  We hope that you can help us walk alongside the families as they return to work.

The safest, simplest, and most effective way to support is to donate online and set up a monthly gift if you are able. Your gift can help us as we adapt to ever-changing circumstances due to COVID-19. Just click here to donate. 

On behalf of all of us at Opportunity School, thank you for being a part of our school family!  We wish you and your family health, safety, and happiness and want you to know that together, we can overcome all things.

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