Ways to get involved

Do you love being around young children? Do you love it when their silly songs get stuck in your head? If so, you would be a perfect volunteer for Opportunity School!  We are more than just your typical childcare, so if you want to be part of making a different in a child's educational foundation, this might be the opportunity for you. 

If you are interested in volunteering with Opportunity School, please contact our office at 806-373-4245 for more information.  All volunteers must come by the office to fill out a brief application. We are required to submit a background check for volunteers who will come in contact with our young students. Some of the ways you can get involved include:

  • Guest Readers read a book to one of the preschool classes once a week or once a month at either campus.  Teachers select a book related to the theme of study.  Guest readers help children see adult role models who love reading.

  • Office Volunteers provide assistance for staff with filing, copying, laminating, assembling mailings, and other clerical or office jobs. 

  • Classroom Helpers work with individuals or small groups with an activity, help teachers prepare class materials, read to students, assist students as they work, and help teachers with class parties and special events. 

  • Gardeners work with our teachers and staff from The Garden at the High Plains Food Bank to plan and organize planting and maintenance of the vegetable and flower gardens or assist with weeding and other gardening projects throughout the summer.

  • Librarians keep the campus library in good order, label, and inventory new books.

  • Handy Helpers repair children’s furniture, shelving, playground equipment, and other small building maintenance jobs. 

  • Community Outreach Volunteers place posters, enrollment brochures, and similar outreach materials in locations around town to reach clients. 

  • Opportunity School Board members govern the school by setting policies and ensuring that the school has the resources it needs. 
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1100 South Harrison Street
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Amarillo, Tx 79101
P. 806-373-4245
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