Why Invest?

Opportunity School exists because ... 

... research shows that high quality early learning experiences help children achieve success in school and in life. The evidence is clear that early education pays dividends for decades to come. When you consider that 80 percent of our brain is wired by the time a child turns three years old, you realize that the early years of learning and development are critical. 

Investing in early childhood education has a high return on investment, especially for children living in economically disadvantaged homes. 

Research from the University of Texas at Austin proves that high quality preschool significantly reduces the achievement gap between rich and poor. The study was published in the February 2012 issue of Psychological Science. The study found that for children in wealthier homes, there were no differences in test scores between those who went to preschool and those who didn't. However, poor children who attended preschool had test scores much higher than if they stayed home[1]. 

Especially for low-income families, the high costs of child care may prevent parents from being able to afford higher quality programs. However, when parents can access affordable, high-quality early learning, children have a stronger chance of overcoming poverty's effects. The impact of high-quality education in early education years have been proven to pay off decades later. The Abecedarian Project at the University of North Carolina has found that children who participate in high-quality early child care are found to be four times more likely to have earned college degrees; they are also more likely to be consistently employed and less likely to have used public assistance[2].

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[1] University of Texas News online edition, February 28, 2012, Preschools Significantly Reduce Achievement Gap Between Rich and Poor, New Twin Study Shows, accessed online at www.utexas.edu/news/2012/02/28/preschools_achievement_gap/ on 3/1/2012

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