Infant & Toddler

(Infants of six weeks through 36 months) 

Opportunity School recognizes that the first three years of life are an irreplaceable period of rapid development during which a child’s sense of identity, security, influence and human interdependence are formed. Teachers understand and support children’s developmental milestones, while recognizing that each child’s individual development is unique. While weekly lesson plans guide learning activities, teachers understand that following the child's lead is most important. We can build on a child's natural curiosity by understanding what the child is most interested in. 

Teachers in our infant and toddler classrooms are specially trained to provide consistency, form deep bonds, and have meaningful, responsive interactions with each child so they become confident, capable navigators in their world.

Opportunity School partners with the Early Head Start Program in its infant and toddler classrooms at both campuses to provide optimal teacher training and excellent environments for each child, including:

  • Low child/teacher ratios of 4:1 and often 3:1 throughout the day. 
  • Individualized plans for learning and care for every child, developed in partnership with parents.  Each teacher is responsible for individualized plans of no more than four children.
  • Regular developmental assessments and screenings, including vision, dental, motor and cognitive development. Assessments and screenings are used to inform care and to provide appropriate referrals for health and wellness services as needed.
  • A continuity of care model (looping), where teachers stay with a group of children for up to three years. The classroom environment changes to meet the group's developmental needs.
  • Monthly home visits and/or individual parent/teacher meetings to allow parents and teachers to learn about and support each child’s needs in partnership with one another.


  • Child’s age is at least six weeks up to 36 months old. 
  • Family meets eligibility requirements for Region 16 Early Head Start program (Eligibility requirements include income and other need factors – for full eligibility requirements, contact Region 16 Early Head Start offices at 806-677-5422.)
  • Parent(s)/Guardian(s) must work or attend school full-time and demonstrate a need for full-time care.


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