Program Overview

Opportunity School provides affordable, high-quality preschool education, care, and parent support for more than 200 children, primarily from low-income families, through two campus-based programs. We are committed to offering the highest quality early education for the children in our community who need it the most. 

We have a long track record of success and appreciate the privilege we have to serve children and families in our community. 

  • National Accreditation and Quality. Opportunity School's Central Campus became one of the first early childhood centers in the country to receive accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) in 1986, and it is one of only two childcare centers with this accreditation in the Texas Panhandle today. Only Amarillo College's Lab School and Opportunity School’s Central Campus are nationally accredited. Our goal is to also pursue NAEYC accreditation for our Edwards Campus soon now that we've completed our first year in our new space.  Both of Opportunity School’s campuses are 4-Star providers with the Texas Rising Star program which is the quality rating system for childcare through the state.  

  • Our Kids (and parents) are College Bound. In keeping with our philosophy to help children become lifelong learners, we have been designated a No Excuses University preschool. We know that education is the pathway out of poverty so we are taking our two-generational approach to the next level. We are the first early learning center (outside of a public school system) in the country to become part of a nationwide NEU network. This is a group of like-minded schools focused on equipping ALL CHILDREN with the knowledge and skills they need for college if that’s the path they choose to pursue. We are planting the seed of college in the hearts and minds of our young students. We are also encouraging parents to consider advancing their education either through GEDs, enrolling in college or pursuing a certification.
  • Community Collaborator. One of Opportunity School’s greatest strengths is in the way we collaborate with community partners who come together to serve children and their families. Opportunity School is one of the few programs which has both Head Start and Early Head Start under one roof. We are a long-time participant in the Texas School Ready Project maintained at Amarillo College. We are a member of the No Limits No Excuses community-wide collaboration to encourage education achievement in our community. We also work closely with the Operation First Five coalition of agencies aimed at improving the health, safety and learning environments for young children in our community. We partner with WTAMU's Education Department for research and student observations. We've added Downtown Women's Center to our list of collaborations with two infant and toddler classrooms located within the Gratitude House apartment complex for women and their children in the DWC program. We partner with the High Plains Food Bank in providing for emergency food needs and with The Garden in nutrition and gardening lessons. We partner with First Presbyterian Church, who generously provides space in their building for high quality early education for the children in our community who need it the most. 

For information about our enhanced safety and health protocols during the COVID pandemic, you can find that information here

1100 South Harrison Street
Amarillo, Tx 79101
P. 806-373-4245
1100 South Harrison Street
(Within First Presbyterian Church)
Amarillo, Tx 79101
P. 806-373-4245
406 South Osage
Amarillo, Tx 79104
P. 806-381-0551
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