Sustaining the Future for Children and Families

Your future support will positively impact children from low-income families living in Amarillo for future generations. 

Opportunity School’s Educational Philosophy

To ensure a child’s future success, we must fully meet each child’s developmental needs while they are with us. Opportunity School students enjoy an enriched learning environment that meets the needs of the whole child at every stage, from birth to age five, until kindergarten age. Here are a few ways in which Opportunity School stands out as a high-quality program:

  • Low child/teacher ratios (8:1 for three-and four-year-olds; less than 4:1 for infants and toddlers)
  • Verified quality by outside parties, including National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) accreditation, Texas Rising Star 4-Star provider, long-time partner with Region 16 for Early Head Start and Head Start.
  • Caring family support through monthly teacher visits and group meetings. Our two-generational approach helps strengthen entire families and builds long-lasting bonds between home and school. 
  • Research-based curriculum designed to foster children’s independence and active participation in learning.
  • Experienced, well-trained teachers and staff who understand and can implement best practices and teaching strategies to meet the needs of individual children and families.
  • Priority for low-income families. For the 2021-22 school year, our families’ average annual income was $24,513.

We know that this two-generational approach to breaking the cycle of poverty works. Outside research and our own local study confirm the value of Opportunity School’s program. A study conducted by West Texas A&M University (WTAMU) in 2019 showed how attending Opportunity School positively affected our students:

  • Former students and their parents believed that Opportunity School strongly influenced their school success.
  • All of the students contacted had finished HS or gained their GED.
  • 94% had at least some college or vocational education after high school compared to 83.5% for Amarillo in general.
  • 32% received a bachelor’s degree or higher compared to 22.3% for Amarillo in general.

Opportunity School’s two-generational approach, combining high-quality early learning and childcare with ongoing support, is a proven and effective way to ensure today’s young children become lifelong learners and future contributing members of their families and society. In 2021, Opportunity School opened a new campus, the Elaine Edwards Center for Early Childhood Development, in northeast Amarillo. This expansion doubled the capacity of the former Grand Street Campus and allowed us to serve more children.

As a legacy member, your planned gift ensures Opportunity School’s mission in the years to come.  


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