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Early Intervention

With a goal of helping every child and family succeed, we know that some of our children may need some extra help. Led by our Early Intervention Specialist, Laci Beezly, and extensive partnerships with our community agencies, Opportunity School is able to help families identify and provide referrals for a number of different services. Each of our campuses are equipped with space and materials to help facilitate on-site therapy providers who are welcomed onto our campuses to work regularly with our students. This provides a huge benefit to our families so that their children can get their needs met during the day when families are working.

Some of the services that we can assist families and children with include:

• Speech Therapy

• Occupational Therapy

• Physical Therapy

• Counseling Services

• Feeding Therapy

• Registered Dietician Services

• Hearing Screenings

• Audiologist Referrals

• Optometrist or Ophthalmologist Referrals

On-site speech therapy is provided as needed at no additional cost through our partnership with the West Texas A&M University, Department of Communication Disorders under the leadership of Dr. Traci Fredman. Speech therapy interns work with Dr. Fredman to assess our students and provide auditory and language screenings for every child. They also provide enjoyable yet intensive language development activities for children identified as benefiting from services according to screening results. Our early intervention specialist will also make other referrals for other therapies that might be needed including medical diagnoses for development delays, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and even nutrition and emotional counseling. 


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