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Educational Philosophy

Opportunity School is not your typical daycare or childcare program. We believe all children deserve early childhood experiences that help them achieve their full potential. After all, 80 percent of the brain is wired by the time a child turns three years old.

To ensure a child’s future success, we must fully meet each child’s developmental needs while they are with us. That's why every Opportunity School student enjoys an enriched learning environment that meets the needs of the whole child at every stage. We use Creative Curriculum (evidence-based early childhood curriculum aligned with Texas PreK and Kindergarten Standards) along with Teaching Strategies Gold to monitor child progress and mastery of knowledge and skills. 

While attending to each child’s individual needs, we hold the following principles as “cornerstones” of Opportunity School’s Educational Philosophy:


We respect each child and value their dignity, their ideas and their work.


We believe every child wants to succeed. Through quality interactions with their teachers, children build high self-esteem and enjoy many opportunities for achievement.



We believe all children and adults deserve a peaceful and safe place for compassionate care and education.



We believe that every child's education is most successful when families and the school work together in a climate of mutual support and respect.



We nurture children’s understanding that they are part of a diverse community. As an educational team coming from diverse backgrounds, we work together to help children appreciate each other and become effective citizens of their community and their world.



We believe children function at their highest levels when they are both nurtured and stimulated - when they are reassured and challenged. 



We allow children to progress at their own pace, and we carefully observe and build on the strengths and interests of each child to individualize instruction. 



We value experiences that foster children’s curiosity, love of learning, and responsibility. Teachers work diligently to establish classrooms where children’s sense of wonder, capability, and independence is nurtured.

Although Opportunity School families come from varied backgrounds, we exist primarily to ensure that children from low-income families receive high-quality early education and care at an affordable cost in order to help them become lifelong learners. Because we serve low-income families, we are part of the Texas Rising Star Program as 4-Star Provider and we accept CCS. 

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