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Family Information

Opportunity School helps families become strong partners in their child’s education through the Parent Education Program. Our families come in all different shapes and sizes and have needs that differ as well. Through regular teacher visits and group meetings, families learn how to create a strong home learning environment and to understand their child’s developmental stages. 

The program helps the whole family enjoy a lifetime of learning through the following activities:

Teachers conduct individual parent visits monthly for every child at Opportunity School. Typically, these visits are conducted in the family's home or may be conducted at school if that is more convenient for families. At a minimum, teachers schedule home visits at the beginning and end of each program eyar.  

The visit can consist of the teacher, parent/family member, and child sitting down together to enjoy an educational activity, such as working on a puzzle specifically selected for the child or reading a book related to the current classroom topic. The teacher shares information about the child's development, the importance of reading and talking with their child, and easy ways to strengthen the child's skills at home.

Teachers will often leave book bags filled with books and learning activities that children and parents can continue to enjoy throughout the month. Teachers provide a new book bag each month. 

Regular group meetings provide opportunities to share information on a variety of topics based on families’ needs and interests. They also provide the chance for parents and family members to get to know each other and form support systems, give their input to school staff on future meeting topics or school policies, and share cultural experiences including foods, music, and customs. One of these opportunities is Parent Cafe, which is facilitated in partnership with Family Support Services. These are held on a regular basis and all Opportunity School families are invited to participate.

Families are encouraged to attend and participate in classroom celebrations throughout the year and to volunteer on field trips or as classroom assistants. Your child's teacher provides information to connect parents with school activities and events. Check out the bulletin boards in your child's classroom and around the school for more resources and information. 

Parents are always welcome and are considered vital members of the Opportunity School family!


• All students need current immunization records. Please bring a copy of any updates to the school. 

• Detailed information can be found in the Handbook for Parents & Families for this school year! 

• Check with your child's teacher or campus leadership for specific questions about upcoming events or policies.

• Watch the website and Facebook for campus news, upcoming events, and weather-related school closings.

• Please make sure your child wears weather-appropriate clothing and shoes with a back every day. Even when it's cold outside, we go outside every day, even if it's brief for fresh air. 

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