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Leave A Lasting Legacy at Opportunity School

Leave A Lasting Legacy

We believe that every family wants what's best for their child but often does not have the resources to provide it. Because of your support, Opportunity School can help equip children and their families for school and life success! For the children of Opportunity School, a gift of any size helps to support their learning and development.


A planned gift is tailored to you and your family’s unique circumstances. As you are planning for your family and others, please consider leaving a lasting legacy for future generations of children and families at Opportunity School. Opportunity School Inc is a 501(c)3, nonprofit organization. Below is a sampling of ways to support Opportunity School



    Naming Opportunity School to receive any portion of your unused or remaining retirement assets is one of the most tax-advantaged ways to make a legacy gift or gift your annual required minimum distribution from your IRA (Qualified Charitable Distribution) to Opportunity School.
    Each year, we ask for support from the Amarillo community with a Spring Appeal and Year-End campaigns. This also gives us the opportunity to update donors about the school. You can also amplify your gift through The Panhandle Gives! Make sure all year end gifts arrive in the office by 12/22 or are postmarked by 12/31 to count toward the current tax year.
    A charitable gift that is left as part of your will or trust is one of the easiest ways to leave a lasting impact. A set dollar amount, a percentage, or a residual of the estate are all ways to direct a gift at your passing.
    We have many things on our classroom wish lists that you may have available in your home. Here are just a few things that are on our wish list that we are always in need of. If you would like to help with some of these back to school items, please contact our business office at 806-373-4245! √ Copy paper (standard white and colors) √ Paper towels, baby wipes and disinfecting wipes. √ Packing tape √ Forever postage stamps (sheets or rolls) √ Wicker baskets √ New underwear and socks (sizes 2-5 toddler) √ Baby bibs and sippy cups
    In order to maintain our commitment high quality education experiences for our students, we must annually meet out operating needs. Approximately 50 percent of budgeted funds are provided by community donations. Donations can be made on a schedule that works for your budget whether that's yearly or a smaller gift monthly. Click here to set up a one-time or monthly gift.
    Contributing partial or whole ownership of real estate.​
    Commitment to giving gifts over a period of time, using some of the tools above. Opportunity School is forever thankful for the support you have given and the generations of children’s lives you continue to impact positively.​​ We are grateful for the opportunity to share these future gift ideas with you and hope that you will remember Opportunity School in your estate planning. ​
    Gifts of stocks/bonds
    If children and education are your passions, you can leave a lasting legacy with a planned gift by including Opportunity School in your will or trust. Learn more by clicking on Leave A Legacy.
    Designate Opportunity School as a beneficiary of the unused balance.
    Place posters, enrollment brochures, and similar outreach materials in locations around town to reach clients.
    Repair children’s furniture, shelving, playground equipment, and other small building maintenance jobs.
    Work with individuals or small groups with an activity, help teachers prepare class materials, read to students, assist students as they work, and help teachers with class parties and special events.
    Provide assistance for staff with filing, copying, laminating, assembling mailings, and other clerical or office jobs.
    Govern the school by setting policies and ensuring that the school has the resources it needs.
    Read a book to one of the preschool classes once a week or once a month at either campus. Teachers select a book related to the theme of study. Guest readers help children see adult role models who love reading.
    Work with our teachers and staff from The Garden at the High Plains Food Bank to plan and organize planting and maintenance of the vegetable and flower gardens or assist with weeding and other gardening projects throughout the summer.
    Keep the campus library in good order, label, and inventory new books.


Join dedicated supporters like yourself by becoming an Opportunity School Legacy Member to ensure “good beginnings never end.” Your planned gift to Opportunity School is a powerful statement of your support for future generations in our Amarillo community.


By becoming a Legacy Member, Opportunity School can recognize and celebrate you! With permission, Opportunity School will list your name in our annual report to inspire others to give a legacy gift. Opportunity School will also honor your gift by adding it to our Legacy Member wall at the 406 South Osage location.



Supporting a cause about which you are passionate

Perpetuating your legacy or that of a loved one

Continuing to benefit from your assets during your lifetime while impacting future generations

Avoiding estate and other taxes for heirs on highly appreciated assets

Addressing estate planning issues based on your values and wishes

Please designate gifts using the school's complete legal name: Opportunity School Inc. 


For more information:

Jill Goodrich, Executive Director
Office (806) 373-4245

Cell (806) 679-5015 


Opportunity School exists because research shows that high-quality early learning experiences help children achieve success in school and in life. The evidence is clear that early education pays dividends for decades to come. When you consider that 80 percent of our brain is wired by the time a child turns three years old, you realize that the early years of learning and development are critical. 

Investing in early childhood education has a high return on investment, especially for children living in economically disadvantaged homes. 

Research from the University of Texas at Austin proves that high-quality preschool significantly reduces the achievement gap between rich and poor. The study was published in the February 2012 issue of Psychological Science. The study found that for children in wealthier homes, there were no differences in test scores between those who went to preschool and those who didn't. However, poor children who attended preschool had test scores much higher than if they stayed home[1]

Especially for low-income families, the high costs of child care may prevent parents from being able to afford higher-quality programs. However, when parents can access affordable, high-quality early learning, children have a stronger chance of overcoming poverty's effects. The impact of high-quality education in early education years has been proven to pay off decades later. The Abecedarian Project at the University of North Carolina has found that children who participate in high-quality early child care are found to be four times more likely to have earned college degrees; they are also more likely to be consistently employed and less likely to have used public assistance[2].



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