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Opportunity School has a proven track record of success in providing critical services aimed at making the greatest impact in the education achievement of young children. One of these services is our Speech Therapy Program.

Through Opportunity School’s Speech Therapy Program, each preschooler assessed as having language development difficulties is given the opportunity to work for one hour a week with a speech therapist. Many of our students and their families have utilized this program over its more than 30 year history. Opportunity School's speech therapist, Julie Woolery, has been on our staff since 2012 and works with each child to ensure he or she will be prepared to begin kindergarten ready to learn. She is able to work with children in a variety of areas, including children who are delayed in their speech development, children who have trouble with articulation, children learning English as a second language and even children who are too shy to speak in public settings.

If you have questions about this service, we would be happy to introduce you to Julie so you can learn more.

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