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Updated: Feb 20

Opportunity School has a proven track record of success in providing critical services aimed at making the greatest impact in the education achievement of young children. Part of our Early Intervention Program includes a partnership with the Department of Communication's Disorders at West Texas A&M University.

As part of the partnership, Speech & Language interns who are in the process of working on their SLP certification, provide speech and language screenings, group and individual therapy sessions with children at both the Central Campus and the Edwards Campus. The interns are supervised under the direction of Dr. Traci Fredman who started it as a pilot program in the midst of the COVID pandemic in 2020.

Children are screened using evidence-based screening tools. If issues are found as a result of the screening, those children are assigned and the SLP interns work with those children each week under Dr. Fredman's supervision to make sure they are using the right therapy strategies and children are getting the services they need. Opportunity School has understood the importance of getting an early start with speech and language delays and have provides speech therapy services, in some form for more than 40 years.

If you have questions about this part of our program, we would be happy to introduce you to Laci Beezley, Early Intervention Specialist, about our program so that you can learn more.

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